Supported Browsers and Platforms

            Supported browsers:
            • Microsoft Edge
            • Safari (Mac)
            • Firefox 3+ (Mac and PC)
            • Chrome (Mac and PC)
            • Internet Explorer 11 until December 2017 (not recommended)
            Some areas of Lookatme may not display correctly on older browsers.
            Internet Explorer 11 can exhibit unexpected behavior and is not recommended. Internet Explorer is scheduled for deprecation in 2018. Please upgrade to Microsoft Edge.
            Internet Explorer versions 10 and below are not supported. 
            Internet Explorer 7 and 8 have inconsistent implementations of text resizing not in compliance with W3C standards; this may affect the cosmetic appearance but not the overall user experience. 
            Internet Explorer 7 may not download files or packages larger than 4 GB. 
            Internet Explorer versions 7 and below are not supported. 
            Browser settings must allow font download, cookies and JavaScript to allow full usage of Lookatme.

            Supported platforms:
            • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 10+
            • Mac OSX
            • iOS
            • Android

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