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            Album Quick Links:

            Every LookatmeDAM Album has a persistent URL called a Quick Link that you can use in emails and websites to direct visitors to the Album.

            The same feature is also available to all your users in the search results, where it is called Share Search Results.
            Please see the article: Share Search Results
            The Share Search Results feature can be used with simple and complex search filters.

            As Administrator you can also obtain a basic Quick Link for an Album, via the Administration area:
            1; Go to Manage Albums
            2. Navigate to the Album required
            3. Click on the secondary menu item 'Quick Link'

            4 A dialog box will popup

            5. Copy the text in the dialog box

            6. Close the dialog box or click OK.
            7. Test the Quick Link by pasting the text in a new browser tab or window.

            8. Paste the Quick Link into an email or as a link in a webpage.
            9. A recipient of the Quick Link will be able to see the assets that are at their access level.  

            Take care sharing Quick Links because the Album must contain at least one image at the recipient User's access level in order for them to see a result.

            Advanced users
            Ifyou know the Album ID number you can form your own Quick Links. 
            For example if you know the Album ID is 20, your Quick Link will be your site URL with this text string appended: 

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