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            How to pay for an order

            Some sites charge fees for downloading assets. 
            If charges apply, you will see prices and a payment button that takes you to a secure payment gateway.

            Paying for an order
            After you get an email about the order approval, the order is ready for payment.
            To pay for an order
            1. Navigate to the Orders page via the top menu bar.
            2. If necessary sort and filter the orders :
            Select a start date from the Show From drop-down menu.
            Select an end date from the Show To drop-down menu.
            3. Click ‘Show Records’ to generate a list of orders requested within the selected start/end date range and to display the list in the selected direction
            4. Click an Order Number with the Status ‘Ready for Payment’. It will take you to the Tax Invoice/Receipt page 
            5. Select ‘Pay for this order’. You will be taken to the e-commerce payment facility.
            6. After completing the payment procedure. The Order Status will be changed to “Available for Download”.

            Your Lookatme Site will have one of these payment gateways:
            • Paypal
            • Stripe
            • Authorize.Net

            Payments supported:

            • All major credit cards: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®
            • Apple Pay, PayPal, Visa Checkout
            • Accepts international transactions from customers worldwide.

            Updated: 12 Jan 2019 02:06 PM
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