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            Contributor management:

            This is general advice only based on our experience in digital asset management and does not constitute legal advice.
            You should seek independent legal advice before entering into an agreement with a photographer.

            Standard contributor purchase engagement terms

            It is critical to have consistency across all your contributor agreements – both videographers and photographers.
            Having different terms for different contributor adds enormous administrative overhead.
            A standard policy needs to be fair and equitable, respecting contributors’ rights and looking after your business needs efficiently.

            Standard release form for people and locations

            Ideally you will manage all talent and location releases prior to the day of the shoot but often this is impractical and must be managed on the day.
            Your photographers must be obliged to collect the releases using a form of release supplied by you.

            Standard contributor briefing template – including image selection and data handover processes.

            Your contributors can be required to embed a specified level of metadata in assets to reduce your workload.
            Contributors can also be requested to follow a defined workflow.

            See Lookatme DAM XMP metadata requirements, which you can use as a basis for a photographer briefing template

            Document your Photography and Video Acquisition and Management Policy

            We recommend that you document all aspects of photo and video acquisition and management in your organisation:
            • business objectives, confirmed against your mandate
            • a recurrent budget
            • processes
            • roles and responsibilities
            • copyright clearance processes
            • quality selection
            • managing images of minors
            • release (permission) form management
            • de-accessioning and archive policies

            Updated: 14 Jan 2019 01:04 PM
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