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            Credit Line, Copyright Notice and Rights Usage Terms:

            e are often asked where and how credit information should be associated with images.
            The best-practice answer is to use the industry standard XMP fields embedded in images.

            Credit Line is normally used for the text that you require your users to show next to the image - the mandatory credit or attribution. This is often a combination of the name of the organization that owns the image and the photographer's name, for example, MyOrganization/Leslie Smith.

            Copyright Notice is normally used for a legal statement about copyright, for example, Copyright 2017 My Organization or Copyright 2017 My Organization/Leslie Smith. Copyright Notice in IPT/XMP maps to the Rights field in the Dublin Core Schema (dc:rights).

            Rights Usage Terms is normally used to show any terms or conditions of usage pertaining to your organization's rights. This could include constraints on usage type, territory and other conditions.

            An example of how these fields can be populated is shown in the image below.

            Quite often 'Rights Usage Terms' information is stored as one item of free text. This allows a standard 1:1 mapping of data from embedded XMP to Lookatme XMP fields. Some clients have multiple fields that comprise this rights data. As a bespoke customization, Lookatme can develop routines to populate Rights Usage Terms with data concatenated, for example, from multiple, discrete, custom Lookatme fields into the one XMP field.

            See our in-depth article on crediting images

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