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            How do I Search for Items? 

            Once logged in to your LookatmeDAM site, there are a few ways that you can search for media. Your requirements will determine the best way for you to search.

            Keyword Search

            The simplest way to search for items is to type a word or phrase into the search box and tap the magnifying glass to execute the search. The word you typed will pop into a green 'badge'.

            The results will feature all items that have the word (or words) in any part of their file information and metadata.

            You can add more keywords and more green badges will appear containing those keywords. If you click a green badge it will be removed from the search.

            AND, OR searching

            By default all searches are 'AND', that is, only items containing all the search terms will be returned.

            If you wish to do an 'OR' search you can type the word OR in capitals or lowercase between two terms.


            ocean or sea

            pet OR animal

            Optional Faceted search

            The optional Faceted Search enables keywords to be prompted as you type in the search field. (Not all sites have this function)

            Enter a phrase and then select a keyword from the results suggested below the search box. If the phrase does not yield a suggestion the site will search all fields as normal.
            If there are no results for a search, the search term will be highlighted in yellow, and a yellow warning banner will be shown.

            Search Filters

            The search filters are a series of buttons that are revealed below the search field after an initial search has been made. They can be used to narrow the search results.

            Search results can be filtered by:

            Item Type: select an Item Type from the dropdown menu to limit the search to items of that type.

            Archive: select this filter to only show items that have been archived. By default, Archive Items are not included in search results. 

            Appears for Admin users only

            No People: select this filter to remove images containing people.

            Appears only on sites with data available.

            Horizontal: show results that include items of horizontal (landscape) orientation only.

            Vertical:  show results that include items of vertical (portrait) orientation only.

            Photography: Sort results by media type to show Photography items only.

            Video:  Sort results by media type to show Video items only.

            Search by Item Number

            Enter Item Numbers separated by spaces, for example: 100001 100002 100003 100004

            This search applies to Item Number sequences without commas or any punctuation.

            Numbers separated by spaces are recognized and will be automatically treated as an OR search.

            This feature is available to all clients using standard LookatmeDAM numeric IDs.

            Optional Region Search

            Select the map pin icon to the left of the Search field to filter items by a region selected from the dropdown menu. Not all sites have this feature.

            Advanced Search

            Metadata Field Searches

            By selecting the down arrow to the immediate left of the search field, the Metadata search fields will be revealed in a dropdown menu. Not all users will have access to this feature.

            You can begin your search using a Metadata Field Search, or can apply keywords to filter an existing search that you have made.

            There are three standard categories of Metadata Field Search: Keyword, Creator, and Title. Each relates to a specific set of metadata in the database. Some sites may have more or fewer fields.

            Keyword: Each item has descriptive keywords or ‘tags’.

            Creator: Search for items by the name of their creator - the photographer, for example.

            Title: Search for items that have a specific word in their name by doing a Metadata Field Title search.

            Enter a search term into one of the fields and select the ‘+’ to search for items that include it.

            The search term will be highlighted in a green 'badge' in the search box with the text ‘Keyword Includes [search term]’.

            If you want to find items that exclude your search term, select ‘–’, the term will be highlighted in a red 'badge' in the search field, for example, ‘Keyword Does not Include [search term]’.

            Click on any green badge or red badge to remove it from your search.

            Filter by Access Level

            For users with the required Administrator privileges, the Keyword Search dropdown menu also includes an option to ‘Select Access Level’.

            This allows Administrators to see what is accessible in the various access levels.

            Selecting the Access Level badge and then a specific Access Level from the options available will filter any search to match what that Access Level can view.

            Building a Search

            You can build searches with multiple keywords and filters, and the focus of your search narrows as you add more search parameters.

            For example, a generic search for ‘flower’ bringing hundreds of results can be refined down to a more manageable number using Region, Orientation and Media filters, along with Keywords.

            Search by Album

            Albums provide an easy way of finding related items that have already been placed into broad groups, for example by subject, location, or event.

            When you select the search field to start a Basic Search, the names of all the album categories in the collection will automatically reveal below in blue.

            Select an Album Category and the Albums within it will expand underneath. If you select an Album’s name it will pop into the  search in a green badge. 

            Within an Album, you can scroll down the list of items or enter a search - a filter for the Album is pre-filled into the search field. All the filters and keyword searches discussed above are available to be used to search within an Album.

            If you select another Album it will replace the previously selected Album in the search.

            Search By Featured Albums

            You can also search preselected groups of items called Featured Albums.

            1. Go to the homepage

            2. Scroll down until you see the Featured Albums section

            3. Select an Album

            4. All artwork within that album will appear

            Once in a Featured Album you can also narrow your search using all the filters and keyword tools available in regular searches and the Album name filter remains visible in the search field unless you remove it.

            Cancel Search

            Click the back arrow at the top left of the search results to go back to the previous page.

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