Lookatme Partner Program

            Lookatme Partner Program aims to deliver comprehensive set of skills and services through which partners can jointly develop, market, sell, deliver, and support their products, services, and solutions in combination with Lookatme. Together, the partnerships provide the framework for commercially successful deployments with clients.

            The program is organized around three categories of Partner:

            In addition we have a Referral Associate category for one-off or infrequent referrals.

            Lookatme Partner Program Model
            Success in this market will be realized through a business model that exploits the core competency of Lookatme – the ability to develop and deliver world-class DAM software – while leveraging select partnerships with established industry leaders to provide all the necessary elements of a complete client solution.
            These elements include: domain space expertise, systems integration, software products, business content, training, education, and application hosting. Our success depends upon the availability of complete solutions and on the program’s ability to create virtual businesses through the collaboration of individual Partners to deliver against specific client requirements.

            LookatmeDAM Program in the global market

            To address global market requirements for DAM product and service offerings, Lookatme has established important relationships with industry-leaders in digitization strategy and service providers, process management and design, software developers, and system integration providers.
            Lookatme Partners develop, market, sell, deliver, and support the complete solutions demanded by the diverse set of industries benefiting from DAM solutions.
            Lookatme Partners also commit to work with designated Lookatme Representatives to develop training and market development programs to meet certification requirements noted below.
            Each Lookatme Partner commits time and resources to train their organization using best practices to deliver solutions built upon LookatmeDAM, and commits to make investments in the market development, training, and marketing programs as appropriate.
            Lookatme Partners are eligible to use the appropriate Lookatme brand mark for marketing and to license Lookatme for development, marketing, and demonstration purposes.

            The Lookatme Partner Program is subject to change and may be modified at any time.

            Updated: 20 Jun 2019 01:23 PM
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