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            MailChimp Integration:

            Clients with the API module can integrate user details with MailChimp.

            Lookatme requires
            • a MailChimp API Key which can be obtained from MailChimp
            • the ID of a permanent list in MailChimp that will be the target for the sync. This list must never be deleted.
            Lookatme Users who have opted in to receive email updates are synchronized daily at 8am. The process take a few minutes.

            Users who register after 8am will be synchronized the following day.

            The details transferred to MailChimp are:
            • Client ID
            • User ID
            • First name
            • Last name
            • Email address
            • Country
            • Lookatme user group
            • As a bespoke option, a custom field specified by the client eg User Type
            All other fields in the MailChimp database must NOT be mandatory
            If another field is mandatory and Lookatme does not have data for that field, the record will be rejected by MailChimp.

            When a user unsubscribes via MailChimp the opted-out status will be updated in Lookatme in the next sync.
            At the time of sync, the opt-out updates are sent from MailChimp to Lookatme first.
            After the opt-out instructions are updated, Lookatme sends opted-in users to MailChimp.

            Once the target list is created in MailChimp, you must not delete it.

            Updated: 05 May 2019 01:51 PM
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