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            This section introduces how to search for and manage albums via the Manage Categories and Albums page.

            To change the image view layout click one of these buttons

            To view in list form, ideal for large libraries, click the list button

            To search for a category use the ‘All Categories’ dropdown. Use the ‘Search Categories’ field to refine the list, click on a category to reveal all linked albums. Select an Album to view all linked items:

            To add a new category, edit or delete an existing category:
            1. Click the Add Categories button. The Album Categories pop will allow you to create a new Category


            2.   Enter a new category name in each empty text box. Click OK to add the new category or close the pop up to cancel the action.
            3.   To edit an existing category: click the category name to be modified and select Edit Categories. The Edit Categories pop up will allow you to edit the Category
            4.   To delete an existing category:

            A prompt message will display as “Are you sure you want to remove this Category?” click ‘OK’ to remove the category

            1.   Select the category the Album should be related to
            2.   Click Add Album
            3.   Add a name and description for your new album.
            If your site is multilingual add the title and description into all three fields in your chosen language

            4.   Select an album access level from the Type drop-down menu.
            ·      Private – the album is inaccessible to all users unless the User or User Group is added to the album.
            ·       Public – contents of the album are available to all users, depending on the individual Item Group set for each item.
            5.   Select “Yes” or “No” from the Show in Search drop-down menu to indicate whether the album will be shown on the Search page.
            6.   Featured Album means the album will show as a featured album on the homepage (please note for albums to appear as featured albums you must mark them as Type: Public,  Featured Album: Yes
            7.   You can confirm/change the category using Category dropdown
            8.   Click ‘OK’ to add the new album
            For more details on the ‘Type’ and ‘Show in Search’ settings see Appendix: Using Private Albums and the ‘Show in Search’ setting.

            To Delete an existing album:

            1.   Navigate to the Album page
            2.   Click Delete Album
            Deleting an Album remove the album and the album listing within the asset details. Deleting an album does NOT delete the items within it.

            To move an Album from one Category to another Category:

            Go to Admin > Manage Albums > Navigate to the Album > Edit Album > Select a new Category from the dropdown menu > OK.
            Allow about 2 minutes per 1000 items for the move. Indexing occurs every five minutes to allow the search results to be updated.

            Additional functions available on the Edit Album page:

            1.   Quick Link
            To copy a persistent URL link for the album, select ‘Quick Link’ button and copy the link from the pop up box. This is useful for inserting links in external Newsletters or websites.
            To allow non-registered users to access the Album it must contain at least one item with “Public” access level. The Album can be Public or Private.
            If you wish to send an external email with links to a Private Album containing non-Public items, you will need to add all the recipients as a Group or as Users to the Private Album.
            Please see Media Campaign - the built-in direct mail feature.

            Add Users or Groups (for Private albums only)
            1.   Click ‘Access’, and select Add user or Add Group

            2.   Select a specific user or add a user group access level from the pop up as prompted
            3.   Click ‘OK’ to bulk edit the access level for all the items contained in this album. Otherwise, click ‘Cancel’ to cancel the action.

            Bulk Edit allows selected metadata fields to be edited for ALL ITEMS or CHECKED ITEMS in the Album.
            You must click the heading - which will become colored and checked (ticked) – to update the data

            If there are different object types of items in the Album, e.g. images and videos, which have different metadata fields, Bulk Edit only updates the common fields existing in both object type items.

            For more information see article: Bulk Edit Metadata

            2. Change Item Group allows you to change the Item group for all items in the Album 

            3. Bulk Edit Keywords – add new keywords to the pop up. These Keywords are appended to each asset in the Album - existing keywords are preserved. You can also delete keywords from the tag cloud to remove all instances of that keyword in the Album

            For more information see article: Bulk Edit Keywords

            4.  Delete items – this will change the status of the CHECKED items to deleted. – this will change the status of CHECKED items from available active to deleted. Deleted items can be reinstated  INDIVIDUALLY if the action needs to be reversed but BULK ARCHIVING CANNOT BE UNDONE
            5. Archive items – this will change the status of CHECKED items from available active to archived. Archived items can be reinstated  INDIVIDUALLY if the action needs to be reversed but BULK ARCHIVING CANNOT BE UNDONE

            Checked Items

            Manage Metadata 
            The Manage metadata facility allows you to bulk upload metadata for thousands of items in a simple process involving the upload of a single CSV file. For more details about managing metadata see Upload Metadata.

            Share Items – IN DEVELOPMENT 

            Delete Album

            Click Delete Album to remove the Album from the site – album listings will also be removed from the item details page

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