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            Managing an 'All Items' Album:

            • When you first set up your site it may be convenient to create an 'All Items' Album so that you can download the CSV data for the entire collection.

            • Later, if the All Items Album has some items missing, just do a ‘top up’ by doing a blank search and adding all the results to the existing All Items Album – there is no need to make a new Album.
              With this method, only the missing items will be added to the indexing queue, which will be a lot faster than making a new All Items Album.
              As a rule of thumb, allow a minute or two per thousand items for indexing.
              For example if you add 10,000 items to an Album it may take 10 to 20 minutes for all the items to be fully indexed.

            • Add the All Items Album as a default Album in the default data of users who upload. This will mean that every upload goes into the All Items Album by default - no need to 'top up'

            Updated: 14 Jan 2019 11:50 AM
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