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            1. Success threshold for asset migration is 99.8% of assets. Success threshold for metadata migration is 99.8% of records. Troubleshooting 0.2% of assets or 0.2% of metadata records is out of scope.
            2. Migration out may be to another cloud service or via USB drives where a cloud service provided by the client is not performing to expectations or for other operational reasons.
            3. Search results may vary slightly between a legacy system or a third party system and Lookatme because ID numbers created by the other system may not be consistent with the Lookatme sort order. When migrating from older Lookatme systems, Lookatme will migrate assets approximately in order of upload using the legacy Lookatme ID to emulate the current sort order as much as possible but there will be a variance that cannot be rectified with the scope of works. In a normal keyword search this will make a small difference. In a blank search the issue make be more noticeable. Standard sort order will be Lookatme6 ID. Client can apply values to the priority field to manipulate the sort order of individual items or batches of items.
            4. Video files with non-industry-standard codecs must be uploaded by the client with a standard codec. Re-upload can be performed by Lookatme as a service at the applicable day rate.
            5. Items shared between Lookatme sites cannot be migrated. Client will need to negotiate with the provider of the images to download the items. The client will need to upload the items to Lookatme6 and manage the metadata. Lookatme can provide this service at the applicable day rate.
            6. Email notification troubleshooting can be very time-consuming. The email functions of Lookatme have been extensively tested and used successfully with millions of commercial Lookatme transactions over many years and any email issues are most likely to be at the recipient’s end. Before reporting problems receiving email notifications you must ensure that your email manager white-lists the sending address and troubleshoots the issue at your end. The email system in the different Lookatme versions is the same and if your emails are working now they should work on the new system. Time spent by Lookatme liaising with you or your IT team on email issues will incur an additional cost.
            7. Numbering: Lookatme system generated numbers will be used to provide a unique ID for each asset. Legacy IDs of migrated in assets will be stored as searchable text. A variation to this will require a customization quote, a revised schedule and a legal indemnity.

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