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            The Notification on archiving or deletion module is useful where you have third-party visual assets subject to licence expiry.
            When you archive an item, every user who has placed an order for this item in the past will receive an email based on the default template below. You can edit this template in Administration > Settings > Email Templates.

            Dear [:name:],
            Thank you for using [site name].
            This email is to inform you that an item you have previously ordered from [site name] can no longer be used due to expiry of the rights under which you were granted usage. You will be required to delete any version of this item from your system.

            Item No: [:id:]
            Title: [:title:]

            Please note that this item cannot be used in any new projects or reprints of material.
            If you have this item on any website you must locate the item and delete it.
            If you do continue to use this item, you may be in breach of copyright and may be liable to legal action by the photographer or entity that owns the item.
            Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

            In the scenario where rights of an asset have been modified, the best practice is :
            1. Archive the item to trigger the email to those who have ordered the item under the previous rights
            2. Reinstate the item with the new rights

            There is an option to automatically archive images once copyright has expired and send an archive email notification to any users who have ordered the images. See Auto-archiving.
            Updated: 17 Apr 2019 06:01 PM
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