Referral Partner

            A Referral Partner is approved to provide
            • Sales and Marketing in the defined Territory

            Minimum requirements:
            • Trained consultants on staff -  at least one Certified Consultant
            • Demonstrated ability to market LookatmeDAM solutions
            • Execute a LookatmeDAM Proposal for each prospect when required
            • Quarterly reviews with LookatmeDAM management
            • Client success story: at least one in year one and quarterly thereafter

            Partner Benefits
            Media Equation shall provide the partner with the following:
            • Remuneration based on all sales in the defined Territory resulting from referrals made by the Partner
            • Receive LookatmeDAM newsletter.
            • Use of LookatmeDAM Partner logo.
            • Partner posting on LookatmeDAM website
            • Joint press release with LookatmeDAM announcing appointment.
            • Appropriate sales training as required to sell and market LookatmeDAM successfully.

            Updated: 20 Jun 2019 01:13 PM
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