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            To browse a LookatmeDAM site an internet connection of 10 Mbps or higher is recommended. In a typical session you might view thousands of images and the speed of your internet will be the primary cause of any performance issue. LookameDAM uses Amazon elastic search and Amazon Aurora high-performance database service for optimal high-speed performance. Our page load and access speeds are virtually unaffected by the number of users.

            If you load thousands of search results your browser might run out of memory. 

            For optimal performance and page load speed you will need: 
            • a reasonably good internet connection
            • cookies enabled
            • JavaScript enabled

            Troubleshooting internet speed issues:
            • Make sure you have a good internet connection - test your speed
            • Check that you have cookies and JavaScript enabled
            • Try other browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge - your other browsers may have different cookies and JavaScript settings already
            • Try browsing on your phone with Wifi turned off. If the browsing speed is OK on you phone your desktop network may have an issue
            • Try browsing at another location such as at home instead of your office.
            • Try viewing the site from another country here: Just copy the URL of the site, paste it into and select a country. This shows you what another user in that country will see.

            Troubleshooting browser memory issues:

            Ask our helpdesk:
            If you still need help please provide as much information as you can:
            • Platform - eg iPad, PC, Macbook
            • Operating system - eg Windows 10, iOS
            • Browser 
            • Site name 
            • Your email address
            • Date and time of the issue and whether it is consistent

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