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            This The Secure Links module allows users to add items to the basket and 'send' the order to another user - whether that user is registered to the Lookatme site or not.
            Unlike public links to master items, Secure Links allows you to keep track of the name and email address of everyone who is given access to download items from your DAM.
            Secure Links are designed to reduce fraud and viral distribution of your assets.

            1. Admin users can give permission to other users of the site to allow them to send order links to other people
            Go to Edit User Details and select Yes from the dropdown (by default all users are set to No)

            2. Add the items to the basket and click Order or OK

            3. In the Order page, select the Order on behalf of another person button

            4. Three new fields will be revealed:
            • Email
            • First name
            • Surname

            5. Add the email address of the user the order will be sent to.
            6. If the user already exists, the status of that user will be displayed.
            If the user exists, first name and surname will be automatically populated

            7. If the user does not exist, a new user will be created in the background as part of this process.
            Please populate email, first name and surname fields.

            7. Complete the remaining Project Details as normal and click Submit.

            8. Click OK to agree with the Terms for ordering on behalf of another person:

            8. Admin users will be directed to the Orders Report.
            The Name column will indicate who the order is for, the Ordered By column will indicate who placed the order.

            9. The order invoice will indicate who the order is for and who placed the order

            An automated email will be sent to the user to notify them that an order has been placed on their behalf.
            AND If a new account has been added, the user will receive an email with instructions on how to log in.
            New users by default are set to 'User' group and Approval Required = Yes
            The new user can download an item that has been sent to them even if the item is outside their access privilege. The user cannot see such items in a search.

            If a new user is added though the Secure Links process, that user will have NO ACCESS to search for ANY OTHER ITEMS in your site.
            The user will ONLY be able to download items IN THE ORDER.
            An Administrator can change this setting by assigning the user to a group with access to more assets

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