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            How to share search results

            You can forward a link which will directly take a user who is logged in to your search results.

            You can share any search result - as simple as a keyword or an Album, or a complex search within an Album

            1. Keyword is beach
            2. Album is Latest Additions, Keyword is beach, Photographer is Leslie Smith, Item group is Media, Location does not contain Sydney

            Once you have your search results, click on the share search link icon  on the top RHS.

            Then it’s a s simple as copying the link and sending it to the recipient.

            The recicpient of the link will be able to view all items in the result that are available to that user's privileges.

            Take care - the result must contain at least one image at the recipient User's access level in order for them to see a result.

            Clear Search
            Click the back arrow at the top left of the search results to go back to the previous page.

            Updated: 12 Jan 2019 04:38 PM
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