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            SSL URL Masking - with and without www?: >

            This is how masked-URL LookatmDAM sites are set up as standard: 
            1. is the SSL-certified URL
            2. redirects to
            3. fails.

            It is possible to work around the third option failing - you can purchase:

            • two certificates, one with www and without www; or
            • wildcard certificate; or
            • a certificate that allows Subject Alternative Names

            Each of these alternatives will cover your domain with and without www. But it is arguably an unnecessary cost. 

            Based on empirical evidence, this is an issue that does not have to be addressed at all – we have never had a help desk enquiry from a user typing in https://www/...

            Most of our clients who have bought their own SSL certificate only bought one single-domain certificate. Occasionally a client has purchased a certificate that allows Subject Alternative Names

            When Lookatme buys certificates for clients we only buy one single-domain certificate.

            DNS Certification Authority Authorisation (CAA): please include ""within your DNS CAA

            The best way to promote your URL to your users is like this:


            If you wish to make it a link, either add https:// at the front or right-click in Word and add as a hyperlink the full URL which is like this:

            If you have any questions please let us know.

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