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            SSL URL Masking procedures for retrofitting with a Lookatme Certificate: >

            With the URL masking optional module, it is possible for your Lookatme™ site to use a domain that you have registered such as:


            or a subdomain of a domain that you have registered, such as


            instead of


            What is SSL?

            SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

            All Lookatme 6 sites employ this security technology.

            You will be responsible for ensuring your domain name is registered and renewed. If you allow your domain name to expire your Lookatme™ service will be inaccessible.
            As the client only you have the right to register a domain name. For example if your company is ABCD Pty Ltd, the domain name can only be registered by the company. Under the rules you must be able to show that the registering entity has a claim to the domain name based on the company name or registered trademarks. 
            If Lookatme as proxy were to try to register a name, it may be rejected unless we have a letter of consent. For the sake of $25 per year we hope you agree that it is easier for you to register the domain name.

            Steps to implementing a custom URL

            Leading up to Go Live

            1.    Confirm in writing the URL that you have registered.

            2.    Provide us with the following information;

            ·         Full business and postal address

            ·         Contact name for main IT stakeholder

            ·         Email address, contact tel no. for main IT stakeholder

            ·         Certificate key for chosen URL (WITHOUT passphrase)

            3.    Negotiate a changeover date and time with us (we recommend close of business on a Friday).

            4.    Reduce the DNS lease time three days prior to Go Live the you must for the URL to 30 mins. Please ensure your IT team is aware of this requirement and is ready to implement

            DNS Certification Authority Authorisation (CAA): please include "" in your DNS CAA

            Go Live Day

            5.    At the agreed changeover time, you must set up an ‘A Record’ in your Domain Name Server (DNS) to point to our Lookatme™ server.

            ·         For example:

            ·         and 

            We recommend setting up records with and without “www”

            If you do not update your name server when notified your site will be unavailable via your chosen URL.

            6.    Repeat step 5 for your Secondary DNS

            7.    Please confirm once the above has been completed and we will configure your new Lookatme 6 site to your custom URL. During this time and until Go Live, the Lookatme 6 site will be unavailable. Please allow between 30 mins and 1 hr for this to be implemented

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