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            Standard business rules for asset migration:

            Rule name


            Rationalize folders

            Locate similar named folders in different locations, manually merge.

            Video file types

            A bespoke arrangement for each client

            ZIP File types

            Search for zipped files – extract contents, delete ZIP

            .bmp photos

            Convert to .jpg


            Convert to .jpg

            .png photos

            Convert to .jpg


            Usually leave PDFs as they are.

            If the PDF is an image only, convert to .jpg

            Remove general correspondence not required in DAM


            Save Copyright and Releases as PDF.

            Save attached images as .jpg

            Remove general correspondence not required in DAM

            Word documents

            Save Copyright and Releases as PDF.

            Remove general correspondence not required in DAM


            Rotate images to correct orientation when found to be incorrect. This is a manual process and not all incorrect images can be captured with certainty.

            (The remaining incorrectly oriented Images can still be rotated for correct on-screen viewing within Lookatme DAM.)

            Low resolution copies


            Blank images

            Delete when found

            Out of focus images

            Delete when found

            Similar images

            Remove when excessive duplication is found

            Potentially embarrassing images

            Use discretion to remove images that may cause embarrassment. Where there are multiple images of the same person and some are unflattering to the subject, such as being shown eating, open-mouthed or with wind-swept hair etc  remove those images and retain the appropriate images.

            Replace special characters

            It is best to avoid the use of ampersand, commas, apostrophes, brackets etc – they might cause problems in some systems when downloaded.

            We generally simplify file names to alpha-numeric characters plus hyphens and underscores. In the long term this is better for interoperability with other systems.


            We embed copyright information where found in the same location as images using Photoshop Bridge before upload. This can also be done in Lookatme after upload.

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