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            Starting Over:

            There may come a time that, for whatever reason, you might want to start afresh with your whole image library.

            The first part of the process is to archive all the existing items in your collection.

            1. In Administration > Manage Albums choose a Category, or add a new category (called, for instance, 'To Archive') and in this category create a new album called, for example, 'All Items'.

            2. Enter a blank search in the search field which will return all the items currently available on the site

            3. Select the 'Add All to Album' symbol (the folder with the '+' sign) at the top right of the search results.

            4. In the following pop-up dialogue box navigate to the 'All Items' folder that you previously created. Select the 'All Items' album. It should turn blue and show a tick/check mark next to the thumbnail preview of the album.

            5. Select OK to add all the items to this album.

            6. Navigate to your 'All Items' album via Administration > Manage Albums. Once inside the album, to archive all the items within it, choose 'Bulk Edit All Items'. From the dropdown menu choose 'Archive'.

            7. A WARNING will display to remind you that bulk archiving cannot be undone. If you are sure that you want to proceed, select OK and the entire contents of the album will be archived.

            Next you might want to remove some or all of your existing albums.

            You may want to keep some of your Category and Album structure intact, which is fine. They will all be empty and free to use.

            Album deletion is manual, and make sure that you delete albums first and then the categories.

            8. Go into an Album via Admin > Manage Albums > Category > Album Name and select the 'Delete Album' button. A warning will pop up asking "Are you sure that you want to delete this Album?". Select OK if you are positive that you wish to delete it.

            Once all the albums within a category are deleted you can delete the category that contained them.

            9. Having selected All Categories in Admin > Manage Albums, enter the Category then select the Delete Category button. A warning will pop up asking "Are you sure that you want to proceed?". Select OK if you are positive that you wish to delete the category.

            Once you have deleted the albums and categories that you no longer require, you can start to add new categories, then albums, and either upload new content or unarchive previous content to them.
            Updated: 14 Jan 2019 01:07 PM
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