Supported browsers and platforms:

            We support the following browsers that support TLS 1.2+ :

            • Google Chrome, version 49+
            • Mozilla Firefox, version 44+
            • Safari, version 9+
            • Microsoft Edge, all versions
            • Opera, version 45+

            Setting your default browser:

            Browser issues
            Data that you enter on an older browser may not be secure.
            Some areas of Lookatme may not display correctly on older browsers.
            Browser settings must allow font download, cookies and JavaScript to allow full usage of Lookatme.

            Download defect in certain Microsoft browsers makes downloads take longer:
            Certain versions of Microsoft Edge have a defect affects downloading from AWS S3.
            Lookatme has been configured to detect this Microsoft bug and offer downloads through via an alternative server. This may add some seconds to the download time.
            Versions affected are IE version 11.483.15063.0 and Microsoft Edge version 40.15063.0.0 also known as "EdgeHTML" version 15.15063. 

            Supported platforms:
            • Windows 10+
            • Mac OSX
            • iOS
            • Android

            Updated: 13 Jan 2019 05:30 AM
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