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            A Teambox allow users to invite team members to collaborate on a selection of items in the DAM.

            Teambox options include;

            Collaborate: allows invited users to add and remove items from the Team Board
            View Only: invited users can view items and add to basket

            Items that sit outside the access privilege of the recipient will be grayed out and cannot be ordered.

            Create a Teambox

            1. Click Teambox from the site menu
            2. Give the ba name by clicking NEW
            3. Add a name and description (optional) and click OK
            4. Add items to the new Teambox by going to the Search, select the check box against the items and click WITH CHECKED ITEMS and select Add to Teambox from the drop down

            Send a Teambox to Team Members

            1. Go to Teambox and click the Share Teambox button

            2. From the pop up select and copy either the COLLABORATE link or the VIEW ONLY link:

            3. This link can now be added to an email and sent to team members to access.

            Users receiving this link must be registered to the DAM to be able to access the Teambox

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