Technical Partner

            Technical Partners are software and integration companies that provide clients with software products, applications, and platforms that complement, integrate with, and add value to LookatneDAM.
            The LookatmeDAM Technical Partner Program offers dedicated technical resources to support software integration, testing, and validation through our Validation Program. This Program tests the technical, marketing, and sales readiness of third-party software products integrated with LookatmeDAM.
            LookatmeDAM Technical Partners test and validate their interfaces with each major release of LookatmeDAM.
            After LookatmeDAM has reviewed and accepted your application, a LookatmeDAM Technical Manager will contact you to review the interface development and schedule the validation process.

            A Technical Partner is approved to provide
            • Sales and Marketing in the defined Territory
            • Vertical Market Consulting
            • DAM Application Solution Development
            • Administration Set up and Support
            • End User Training
            • Project Management
            • Systems Integration
            • Client Relationship Management

            Minimum requirements:
            • Trained consultants on staff -  at least one Certified Technical Consultant
            • Management of all resellers appointed in the defined Territory in the mutual interests of the partner and LookatmeDAM
            • Timely and effective delivery of the defined Territory localisation work including brochure-ware, marketing website, software interface content, and marketing material
            • Timely and effective delivery of all the defined Territory language help desk support for all users of the defined Territory instances of the solution
            • Demonstrated ability to develop and implement LookatmeDAM solutions
            • Execute a LookatmeDAM Proposal Acceptance Letter for each end user order
            • Quarterly reviews with LookatmeDAM management
            • Client success story: at least one in year one and quarterly thereafter

            Partner Benefits
            Media Equation shall provide the partner with the following:
            • Distribution rights in the defined Territory for the term of the Agreement
            • Remuneration based on all sales in the defined Territory including other Resellers appointed in the territory
            • Partner Consultant training, delivered via tailored web tutorials.
            • Evaluation/Demonstration software license (upon completion of training)
            • Access to technical support center (to specified authorized contacts as listed)
            • Receive LookatmeDAM newsletter.
            • Use of LookatmeDAM logo.
            • Partner posting on LookatmeDAM website
            • Joint press release with LookatmeDAM announcing appointment.
            • Appropriate sales training as required to sell, market, configure, implement, and support LookatmeDAM.

            Updated: 20 Jun 2019 09:22 AM
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