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            The video I downloaded will not play

            All Lookatme MP4 video derivatives should play in the latest versions of Windows Media Player and Apple QuickTime.

            Most MOV Master files are Apple ProRes 422, a format that is not supported by Windows players.
            MOV Master videos uploaded by Lookatme clients might also have a specific codec not supported by Windows.
            You can view MOV Master files on a Mac or in Apple-compatible video software on Windows, such as the VLC Media Player or editing software including AvidFinal Cut Pro and Adobe Premier.
            You do not need specialist software to play the MP4 derivatives.

            Select an MP4 derivative instead of the Master MOV file if you do not have Apple-compatible video software                                                

            Troubleshooting MP4 derivative download files:

            Incomplete download
            The most likely cause for an MP4 derivative video not playing is that the file did not download completely. If a file does not download completely it will not play in any video player.
            Incomplete downloads are usually caused by the quality of the internet connection which may be out of your control. There are some options:
            • Download the file in an "off peak" contention time when your internet is being used by fewer other people, usually before 9:00am.
            • Order a smaller file-size or format if available
            • Download the file in a different location with better internet bandwidth.

            Player version

            Sometimes, although very rarely, the video is not compatible with your video player. To address this issue, make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player or Apple QuickTime. You might also consider VLC Media Player for Windows or Mac if you are having issues with the other players.
            To ensure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player go to the Library view and look under Help > Check for updates...
            If you cannot see the Help menu, press ctrl-H.

            In Apple QuickTime, look under Help > Update Existing Software...

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