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            Using graphics as Album heroes:

            The default Hero image for each Album is the first image in the Album - and you can select any image as the Hero later.
            But what if you want to have graphic teasers to entice users to view Albums? Yes, you can and it's quite simple.
            For this article we will assume you have already read and understood the article Selecting a Hero image for an Album.

            How to create graphic Hero images for your Albums

            Let's say you want your Featured Albums panel on the homepage to look something like this:

            1. To create the first hero, make a square RGB JPEG image, 600 x 600 pixels minimum, sRGB colour profile.

            If your image is smaller than 600 pixels or is not square, it might yield a poor result.

            You can start in Adobe Illustrator for finer typographic controls but it's best to finish up with a JPEG out of Photoshop

            2. In your design, allow for the semi-opaque title strip to cover about 20% of the image at the foot. The exact dimension of the semi-opaque strip varies according to the zoom setting of the user viewing the site. Don't crop the image - it must be 600 pixels square! Just don't put any critical content near the foot of the image. Establish your focal point a bit higher in the image to allow for the lower portion of the image being partly covered.

            3. Save this file with a unique name - not a simple name like Hero1 which could cause duplicate name issues later. A good naming protocol is to combine the date, the name of album and a version number, eg, 20190523 beach hero v1.jpg. 
            4. Upload this image to the DAM - don't worry, you can make sure it will not appear as an asset in searches - we'll get to that step soon!
            4. Add this image to the target Album
            5. Make this image the Hero image for this Album (see Selecting a Hero image for an Album)
            6. Make sure the Album is set to Featured Album = Yes
            7. Check how it all looks on the homepage
            8. Once you are happy with the look, archive - not delete - the graphic Hero. Yes, this important last step is how you hide the image from the search - but it will still be the Hero.
            9. If you wish to change the Hero in the future, just follow these steps again.

            Updated: 14 Jan 2019 11:45 AM
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