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            Caption in footer of downloaded photos:

            Lookatme has a feature that allows for caption data to be added to the foot of downloaded images.

            When you use the image, you are permitted to crop this caption area but you must follow the copyright and usage instructions.

            Where this feature is enabled all downloadable files are affected except for the "S" or small size which is suitable for PowerPoint and webpages.

            Sample image of how this data might appear:

            The text in the sample image is configured with metadata and static text:
            Item No 
            Title - from metadata
            Description - from metadata
            Mandatory Credit - from metadata
            Copyright Notice - from metadata
            Conditions of Use - static text
            Name of image gallery and web address (URL) - static text

            • Order processing takes a few seconds for each image
            • We do not apply the caption to the "Small" (or "S") derivative

            Updated: 13 Jan 2019 05:56 AM
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